About Us

We are charitable organisation, training people free of charge from all walks of liferelationship with russian woman, who have little or no boxing experience, to be able to compete against ordinary people with the same skill set and fitness level in our Charity White Collar Boxing show, taking place in York Hall arena, Bethnal Green, where Great Boxing Champions past and present have fought. We are called House of Champs because we believe that anyone with a heart big enough to compete in a boxing ring for Charity, win or lose is already a Champion.

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About the Trainers

We the founders David Walker and Terry Allain both ex-boxers started the House of Champs as we believe our purpose in life is to help others who are less fortunate than ourselves, by putting on these Charity White Collar boxing shows will give people who want to train and compete the chance to raise money for charities of their individual choices, as well as get mentally and physically fit in the process. Some people have also used the free 10 weeks boxing training to over come their own issues of Depression, bereavement, relationship break downs, addictions etc. by channeling their energy in a positive environment and way for a good cause.